Multi Functional. Slow Fashion.

Made to wear for swimwear, activewear, outerwear or underwear. Created to be comfortable and inclusive for all body types and skin tones. TATUM TEALE is proudly and ethically made in Cape Town.

Summer Reversibles!

  • Candi, Llandudno

    Your swimsuits are the bomb!! Soo comfy, dry super quick so no damp cosi feel while trying to enjoy the beach. Love them. Thank you.

  • Pascale, Durban

    OMG! Tatum! I received my Scorcher top and Bliss bottom and I am in LOVE!!! They fit like a dream, are so well made and crazy comfy. I may just replace my loungewear with this itty bitty bikini because it is now officially my favourite! And thank you for the free booty too! She's a real winner!

  • Johanrie, Greece

    Hi!!! Just received my TATUM'S in Greece!!! I LOVE THEM! I will definitely support and promote your brand in future!! Thank you.